REIMA Vantti Lilac Pink

REIMA Vantti Lilac Pink

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Tootekood: 5100009A-4200 Kaubamärk: REIMA Ühik: tk Laoseis: 17

Thi'nbpfthell jacket i the pefect mid-ean cmpanin: ft t meet'nbpthe wld and watepf t dicve it.Becae mall lve advente, we ceated Vantti. It' the'nbpideal ptectin'nbpf back yad advente, a'nbphpping t, and tating chl 'nbpday cae.'nbpIf y want ne eliable jacket f getting t and abt, ick 'amp hale-fee, che thi ne.'nbp

The Reima fthell mateial i watepf t keep dden hwe at bay, and'nbpwindpf t keep the chilling wind t. The'nbpft evee nt'nbpnly feel nice againt the kin bt wam kid, t. Becae the mateial i'nbpft, light and flexible, kid lve weaing it. Add t thi the nice cl and'nbpnew eanal'nbppint, and it' n wnde thi i ne bet elle yea