REIMA Slither Flash Black

REIMA Slither Flash Black

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Tootekood: 5400038A-9990 Kaubamärk: REIMA Laoseis: 2

Reimatec watepf and pe eflective winte he. Eay t tighten with the Feelck ytem.

A well a being eflective, thee watepf Reimatec winte bt f kid ae lightweight and pactical. The ppe ae a dable mix f leathe, ynthetic mateial and eflective textile. They have a watepf eam-ealed membane and fleece lining.Thank t the Feelck ytem, thee bt ae eay t wea and adjt f a nie fit. The emvable inle ae eipped with a handy Happy Fit pint that help find the cect ize and meae kid' fat-gwing feet. Reima' tle pvide geat tactin n diffeent kind f teain. The eflective detail tp ff the tylih lk f thee winte bt f childen.

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