REIMA Itikka 528693 Rose Blush

REIMA Itikka 528693 Rose Blush

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Tootekood: 528693-1120 Kaubamärk: REIMA Laoseis: Läbi müüdud

REIMA Itikka 52869

Anti-Bite kid' hat t keep bg and n away. Vey lightweight and ick-dying.

At Reima, we deigned thi Anti-Bite cap t bing little ne peace fm bzzing inect. The deign i made fm an Anti-Mit mateial that wick mite fm the kin and i ick dying. It al ptect fm the n with a UV fact f +50. Reima' Anti-Bite mateial ha a nn-txic and bidegadable The Si Repel Mit finih. It epel tick, mite, flie, wap and lice witht haming inect nate. The epellent effect f the finih will lat f at leat 100 wahe. Pleae nte that even when ing Anti-Bite clthing it' pible that inect may each beynd nteated aea.

  • Eay-cae and ick-dy mateial
  • The Anti-Bite finih cntain a ynthetic epellent again