Crocs™ Echo Clog Lavender

Crocs™ Echo Clog Lavender

69,99 € 55,99 €


  • M5W7
  • M7W9
  • M6W8
  • M8W10
Tootekood: 207937-530 Kaubamärk: CROCS Ühik: paar Laoseis: 6

The Ech Cllectin i f the wh want cmft witht cmpmiing thei lk. Thi flly mlded clg i anything bt cnfmit, with bld clpting and pt inpiatin that keep teetwea at it ce. With Clite'tade cntctin and a LiteRide'tade dp-in ftbed, y can tay cmftable while hitting the teet in the Ech cllectin.

  • Incedibly light and eay t wea
  • Flly mlded Clite'tade ppe and fndatin
  • Wate-fiendly and byant weigh nly nce
  • Ventilatin pt add beathability and help hed wate
  • Eay t clean and ick t dy
  • Pivtable tb heel tap with a heel pad f cmft
  • Ctmizable with Jibbitz'tade cham
  • Dal denity ppt with Clite'tade le and LiteRide'tade Ftbed.
  • Cnty f igin: China / Bnia / Swit