Crocs™ Classic Lined Clog Blue Calcite

Crocs™ Classic Lined Clog Blue Calcite

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  • M5W7
  • M10W12
Tootekood: 203591-4NS Kaubamärk: CROCS Ühik: tk Laoseis: 2

Eveybdy lve the cmft f the Cc Claic Lined Clg 'mdah and nw thee' a taty lined vein t keep the feeling ging all ean. The ft, fzzy line add t the chin and cmft, ind t. Geat a a lippe, yet capable t n eand, t. Clite'tade fam cntctin keep them light and eay t wea. The pivting heel tap give y a ece fit, ph it fwad t jt tep in and g.

Claic Lined Clg detail:

  • The legenday Claic Clg, nw with a wam, fzzy line
  • Incedibly light and eay t wea
  • Heel tap f a me ece fit
  • Geat ind t
  • Dal Cc Cmft'tade
  • Fzz Line: Made f 100% Plyete
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