Crocs™ Baya Graphic Sandal Black/Multi

Crocs™ Baya Graphic Sandal Black/Multi

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  • M9W11
  • M6W8
Tootekood: 207994-0C4 Kaubamärk: CROCS Laoseis: 16

Enjy the bet f Cc baic in the Baya Sandal, nw feating fn gaphic. Inpied by the tyle f the Baya Clg and the fit f the Claic Sandal, thi andal i an ideal chice f lightweight and cmftable tyle. Pl, the tw-tap ppe ha m f p t 12 Jibbitz'tade pe pai, making thee eay t penalize and expe yelf. Geat f the pl, beach and eveyday wea.

  • Incedibly light and fn t wea
  • Fn gaphic
  • Eay t clean and ick t dy
  • Cmftable tw tap ppe
  • Flly mlded Clite'tade mateial f ignate Cc cmft
  • Ctmizable with Jibbitz'tade cham
  • Icnic Cc Cmft'tade: Lightweight. Flexible. 60-degee cmft.
  • Cnty f igin: China / Bnia / Switzeland / Vietnam.

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